Mexican Dragon Myths

CAPACTI is a Mexican dragon. The earth was created from its body.

QUETZALCOATL, the feathered god of wind is an Aztec god from Mexican mythology, its name means "most precious serpent". He is a benign feathered serpent, god of civilization, winds, peace and industry, the Lord of the Morning Star, bringer of light to his people and fertility to the land. Responsible for inspiration, he is worshipped as the king of the native Toltec Mexicans. He sometimes appears arched across the sky. At other times he adopts human form, either a young man in a feathered cloak, or an old man with a broken walking stick and a white beard. He mingled amongst his subjects, teaching them agriculture, mining and secrets of the zodiac. He would not permit human sacrifice, but wanted only flowers and fruit to be laid at his altar.

Peaceful reign ended when his sister, Tlazoteotl, a moon goddess seduced him by drugging him with magic mushrooms and wine. Quetzalcoatl was mortified and sailed on a raft of serpent skins into the sunrise, thus setting himself aflame, sending his soul to join the sunrise.

The Mayan Kukulkan, later became the Aztec Quetzalcoatl and was both good and evil ruling the four parts of the earth. Quetzalcoatl is able to take the form of the sun and is depicted as being swallowed by the earth serpent thus causing an eclipse.

Scientists think that the myth of Quetzalcoatl started with a bird, the Quetzal. This bright green bird has tail feathers of over two feet long, and when it flies, the bird looks like a shimmering serpent.


AMPHIPTERE, a Mexican winged and feathered serpent god. This myth may be linked to the Quetzal, a bird with long tail feathers that looks like a serpent when in flight.

WATER SERPENT is a Pueblo animal god. It is connected with water disasters and fertility. The "Naga" from India becomes "Nagal" and represents one who is wise.

XIUHTECUHTLI, was the greatest god of the Aztecs and took on many manifestations, one of which being the fire serpent.

COATILCUE, is the snake goddess, earth mother.

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